(woman to bartender) I wired my Jaiku presence to my Twitter feed, hooked that up to my Facebook profile line and fed that into my WordPress blog, which I looped back to my Jaiku presence. And now my blog doesn't need me any more.

You may actually have seen this cartoon a year and a half ago, when it appeared on OneDegree.ca. My arrangement with the wonderful Kate Trgovac around any of my cartoons she ran was that I would wait a week from their publication date to publish them on the Noise to Signal feed.

But this is me we’re talking about here. Any arrangement like that is bound to have a few cartoons fall through the cracks… and that’s what happened with this one. It never appeared on either the Social Signal site or RobCottingham.ca. And I drew it back on May 1, 2008. (It ran on May 6, 2008.)

Kind of takes you back, doesn’t it? A reference to the sort-of-late, lamented Jaiku. The subtext of a nation adrift under the catastrophic leadership of George W. Bush. And of course that hemline. (Well, of course you can’t see it; there’s a bar in the way. But trust me: in the uncropped layered Photoshop file, it’s there. And it sure isn’t a December 2009 hemline – am I right?)

I’ll see what else I can dig out of the Noise to Signal vault before the weekly ReadWriteWeb cartoon goes up late Sunday or early Monday. Meanwhile, I’ll also be meditating on what references I’m including now that are going to date the cartoons horribly. (Hmm… suddenly that Sarah-Palin-crashing-the-White-House-state-dinner-with-Tiger-Woods cartoon seems ill-advised.)