Commercial Drive's Little Nest

Commercial Drive’s Little Nest offers incredible food in a casual setting, catering to families, people watchers and foodies alike

I now have another reason to frequent Vancouver’s Commercial Drive: Little Nest, a neighbourhood restaurant and café serving gourmet food in a casual, family-friendly environment.

Walk into Little Nest and you’ll find families eating together, kids running around, and friends chatting. With its casual retro decor of old wooden tables, chairs scattered about, and wide array of toys and stacks of magazines, it’s not fancy, but it’s comfortable.

And what you’ll find in this casual restaurant is incredible food. Little Nest’s menu is written on two floor-to-ceiling chalkboards and changes regularly based on what’s in season. The restaurant strives to use as many fresh, organic and local ingredients as possible, and quality is king (meaning no frozen or pre-packaged crap).

Fresh from Granville Online’s blog, there’s a rave review about one of our favourite restaurants: Little Nest, just off Commercial Drive. It takes family-friendly to a level that will spoil you for other restaurants, without skimping on a sumptuous brunch menu that never gets old.

A year or two ago, I was there with Alex and the kids, and happened to shoot a few photos of their incredible muffins. At the time, I was pretty happy with the shots – and so, apparently, were the nice folks at Granville, as they asked permission to use one.

Here’s the original of those chocolate-banana-hazelnut muffins (and you can find the others here). If that doesn’t make your mouth water, then friend, you have no taste buds.

Chocolate-Banana-Hazelnut Muffins at Little Nest

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