If you’re a developer who’s made a contribution to the open-source Drupal web content management system, then add this guy’s web site to your portfolio.

The White House has switched to Drupal from its old proprietary CMS, after asking that system’s developer to find a more flexible alternative.

With every commercial alternative in the world to choose from, that company went instead with Drupal, the open-source platform that also powers sites like (ahem) this one.

That will be a powerful argument for IT professionals who are used to sourcing the latest commercial, proprietary product to at least give open-source solutions a closer look. And with folks like Drupal lead developer Dries Buytaert’s company Acquia on the development team, expect WhiteHouse.gov to be one of the tightest Drupal implementations around. (That also raises that hope that innovations on the site will be contributed back to the community.)

Now, if only the economy were as simple as node/add/job.

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