Awesome stuff: Noise to Signal has made it to the final round of voting in the Canadian Blog Awards, humour division, smart-ass-doodling category.

Do check out the competition before casting your vote. Remember, if there isn’t a decisive winner, the Governor General will have to sort it all out. (And by the way, Your Excellency, you look fantastic today.)

Here are the nominees:

One of the benefits (maybe the chief benefit) of contests like this is the opportunity to discover a slew of new voices. So tour around the other categories, too.

Some of the nominees in those categories are friends and neighbours. So I hope you’ll give more than a passing thought to folks like,,, DeSmogBlog (especially since they’re up against a climate change skeptic and an anti-evolution blog), Get Elastic, Dennis Gruending,, Moved to Vancouver, Devin Johnston, Slap Upside the Head (I’ve never met Mark, and he’s in Montreal instead of Vancouver, but he cartoons and that’s good enough for me) and the After the Credits podcast. Update: Also the new-to-me Delete Bin music blog!

Voting wraps sometime on December 7. Thanks!