Well, well: IBM has invited Macs to drop by for a sleepover – a pilot program that, for some participants, has turned into a longer-term engagement:

The first phase of the pilot program ran from October 2007 through January 2008. It distributed 24 MacBook Pros to researchers at different sites within IBM Research. Participants kept their existing ThinkPads, but were asked to only use them as a “last resort for applications not working yet on the Mac.”

After the four month test period, the 14 research scientists, 8 software engineers, a director, and a VP staff assistant participating in the pilot program were asked to provide feedback.

Of the 22 of 24 who responded, 18 said that the Mac offered a “better or best experience” compared to their existing computer, one rated it “equal or good,” and three said the Mac offered a “worse experience.” Seven reported having no or marginal prior knowledge of using Macs, while 15 reported having moderate or expert knowledge of the platform.

I’m old enough to remember when “IBM” and “PC” were synonymous. Old enough to remember not just the existence of the PCjr, but the Charlie Chaplin ads that hawked it. Old enough to remember when non-IBM PCs were called “clones”. (No, you’re saying it wrong. Sneer a little. Raise an eyebrow. Try to give the impression that someone has just handed you a rancid turd. Now say “clones”. There you go.)

How about you? Are you so old you can remember when this day would have been unimaginable? Or young enough to wonder just WTF I’m going on about?

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