With the victory of “Falling Slowly” in the Best Damn Tune category at last night’s Oscars (you can download the song for free – with nobody from the RIAA raising eyebrows at you – from the official site for the movie Once), I think it’s only fair that I somehow give Hollywood something back.

I know the three Enchanted songs, and can probably sing them most of the way through for you (I have a four-year-old daughter, so you can guess why), and happen to think that “Happy Working Song” is delightful. But “Falling Slowly” moved me to tears the first time I heard it, and it just keeps getting better.

So, Hollywood, here’s my little present back to you: for today only, I’m going to think of you as a place where people toil to bring dreams to life, to help us see ourselves for who we truly are and for who we might one day be. I’m going to set aside studios and media conglomerates, lobbyists and lawyers, casting couches, race- and age- and gender-based glass ceilings.

Good on ya.