Here’s a fun idea from Vancity:

We are looking for participants to give bikes to. We are asking people to write 100 words or less on on why they’d want a bike. Then we will be setting the first flight of bikes free at the BEST pancake breakfast on Wednesday morning. The bikes will be free in the community for nine weeks, changing hands three times before finally being returned to Vancity. We will then in turn deliver the bikes to PEDAL where they will be retrofitted and donated to the people who most need them in our community.

It all happens Wednesday, June 27 at Granville Square (that huge terrace on the north side of Cordova and the east side of Howe). Things get underway at 9 a.m. – but if you show up a little early, you can catch the BEST pancake breakfast running from 7:30 am to 9.
Vancity bike share launch: Wed. 27 June, 9 am in Granville Square

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