Okay, so it isn’t the revolution. But it’s a big step forward for Mother Corporation as the CBC unleashes a whole bunch of new podcasts on an unsuspecting public.

Every day will bring a new edition of a particular podcast:

  • Monday – The Best of Ideas
  • Tuesday – Dispatches
  • Wednesday – The Best of Outfront
  • Thursday – The Best of The Current
  • Friday – The Best of As It Happens
  • Saturday – Quirks & Quarks
  • Sunday – The Best of DNTO

That enough for you? Wait, don’t answer – there’s more, updated with varying frequency:

  • CBC Radio 3
  • Sounds Like Canada: The Digital Extra
  • CBC Radio Editor’s Choice
  • Words at Large
  • Word of the Week

Still got some room on that iPod? There’s also a weekly roundup of stories from every region of Canada.

The upshot is a dramatic multiplication of the CBC’s podcast offerings, with a promise of more to come. This has to be pretty gratifying for the broadcaster’s in-house tech visionary and podcast evangelist, Tod Maffin, who’s done a lot to make this happen. Online communities around each podcast would be a natural next step, but this is terrific progress.