Previously on this blog, I posted about Nettwerk Records and their pro-user approach to business. They’re paying for the defence of one David Gruebel, who is being sued for thousands of dollars by the Recording Industry Association of America for allegedly downloading music.

This afternoon, I learned that Nettwerk has launched Save The Music Fan, a not-for-profit group that raises money to fight RIAA lawsuits as well as supporting other Save the Music Fan activities.

Company CEO Terry McBride sets out the Nettwerk argument on front page of the group’s site:

The passionate message of music is in the magic of the “song.” The more it’s consumed, the more it nourishes. Music is ubiquitous; it’s a utility like “water,” it’s not a pair of pants and as such we need to stop treating music like a product that needs to be controlled.

This fight is getting more and more interesting…