I spent the 2004 campaign in the belly of the beast (friendly beast, very comfortable belly, no complaints from this end), and I was able to pay only passing attention to the Revolutionary Moderation Gaffe-o-Meter.

This time, though, it’s my go-to place whenever I see a news story about a candidate, aide or leader going off the rails. Don, the webmaster, invites readers to submit the latest error, misstatement, screw-up or slip by e-mail. He scores the parties based on a simple formula: seriousness of gaffe multiplied by prominence of the miscreant.

(A little partisan schadenfreude: the NDP has, to date, run the most goof-free campaign.)

It would be cool if some admiring codester could create a little doodad that would let people put a live Gaffe-o-Meter on their web sites, linked to Don’s, no?

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