Fellow parents, if you’re wondering how you can help your child grow up to be a little less afflicted by homophobia than the current generation, you’ll want to read this guest entry at Lawrence Lessig’s blog, Love, Family, and Fairness, or How to Raise a Gay Friendly Child.

Many heterosexual people –even those who avoid political activity — have become allies in the struggle for civil rights simply by the way they talk to their children. Want to join them? If so, read on for ten things you might say if you want to raise a child who can love, accept, and — as fate might have it –even be a happy person who is gay.

It’s great reading. One little gripe — the post begins like this:

Imagine that one day you hear your child at play say to another “The way you throw is so gay.” It seems “gay” has become a catch-all insult. How do you respond?

…and never actually answers that question.

So, ODTAA community, how do you respond to that comment by your child?