When I have a chance to recover, I’ll have something to say about the BC election. Meanwhile, on a not-100-per-cent-unrelated note, Larry Gelbart suggests taking a day off from our diet of corporate media:

Perhaps the time has come to show our displeasure with the handful of entities who have bought and merged and lobbied so successfully to have themselves legislated into the position of determining and disseminating what we are told and what it is that we are not told; time for the media to cease being a slew of compliant corporate correspondents, a collection of Roving reporters.

For one day, let’s put away our clickers (why change channels any more, when each one carries the same story over and over and over and over again), let’s let our morning papers lie (turnabout is fair play) where they’ve fallen in our driveways or on our front porches.

For one day, let us not buy a magazine or turn on our radios. For one day, let us not see what is on sale. For one day, let us not call for theatre or game tickets at the numbers listed in the newspaper we will not open.

For one day, let us not tune in to our favorite show; or our favorite wife, serial, or child killer.