Pop quiz: you have to do a news conference where you have damn-all in the way of actual news to announce. The media’s already prickly, and liable to turn on you.

Do you:

a) repeat your message over and over, making it the only clip reporters are likely to get from you, and hope that clip combined with the pictures will carry the day;

b) tell your aides that you won’t do the event without something newsworthy to say; or

c) lash out in a condescending display of ill-temper and, dare I say it, desperation?

If you chose option c), you may have a very brief future as a Liberal MLA. Via Rick Barnes, this story (From the Heartlands: Kelowna MLA’s tried to hoodwink the media) should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone facing a less-than-hospitable scrum.

Rick links to some astonishing video footage (Windows Media format) of the news conference. It’s astonishing… especially given the time and (your) money the Liberals have spent on stage-managing these events.