Crikey. Over on Kelly Nestruck’s blog, where he looks into the Young Liberals’ pro-same-sex marriage– I’m sorry, pro-Charter campaign, Paul Wells takes the Gritlets apart:

The thing is, for any serious supporter of equal marriage for same-sex couples, the Tiny Liberal campaign is absurd and depressing. Apparently the only same-sex couples whose rights the Wee Grits support are hotties. Frat-house equality. Let them get married — we’ll watch! Bleu Nuit as social policy. Brilliant.

Then there’s the button [which reads “It’s the Charter, stupid”]. It’s not the Charter, stupid. That’s the prime minister’s lame chicken-Liberal talking point, stupid, but you actually don’t have to make your lapel a wholly-owned subsidiary of the PM’s spin shop, stupid. Grow a spine, stupid, and say it out loud: it’s about the right of gay men and lesbian women to enjoy equality in the right to marry one another. Nothing demeans the Charter so much as the sight of cowards hiding behind it, and nothing demeans young Liberals so much as their slavish devotion to parrotting the boss.