Heading off on a tangent from the pivotal issue – when does an employer get a say in an employee’s off-hours life? – let’s take a moment to consider ten pieces of sage advice from Robert Scoble on what to do when your blog goes horribly, horribly wrong (and how to prevent that in the first place). Such as:

3) When people are yelling at you and you aren’t sure what to do, stop. Stop posting. Don’t push back. Listen. Get in the person’s shoes who is yelling at you. Even if you decide that they are an idiot and you’ll go ahead anyway, at least understand the other person’s point of view and understand the consequences of continuing down a certain path.

4) Don’t post when you’re pissed. It’s too easy to have a snarky post make a situation even worse. People are good pattern recognizers. They can see subtle hints even where you thought you weren’t putting anything out there.

These are all lessons that apply to the broader field of damage control, too.

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