Errol Morris, the film-maker who gave us The Fog of War, The Thin Blue Line and Fast, Cheap and Out of Control — and turned Ellen Feiss into an icon for people switching to Apple — has now posted a series of campaign ads for MoveOn.

If you caught Ellen or any of the other switchers, you’ll recognize the style. Real people who voted for Bush in 2000 explain why they’re voting for Kerry in 2004. Quite apart from the politics, there’s something eerily compelling about watching everyday people explain how they came to a particular voting decision.

Not that these folks haven’t been selected for their congruence with the overall Kerry message, of course. But they still have an unrehearsed spontaneity that’s rare in the increasingly stage-managed world of election campaigns. Be sure to have a gander. (All clips are in — you’ll be shocked to hear this — Apple Quicktime format.)