My new computer has finally arrived at work — the Apple Power Mac G5.

Now, if you’re not One Of Us, you’ll probably be mystified by the awe and devotion that Mac fans lavish on their computers. But the new G5 series is getting even more drooling attention than usual.

Some of us are posting pictorial paeans to their new babies. It’s embarrassing to feel this way about a lump of metal, plastic and silicon, especially for those of us who actually have new babies.

In fairness, this goes beyond brand loyalty. Apple has designed every aspect of this beast to be both beautiful and almost obsessively thoughtful. The little hinge where the monitor cable meets the plug… the way the fans slide out from the inside… the series of jacks on the front of the computer… and then there’s just the sheer powerful design of the thing.

Still, at the end of the day, it’s just a computer. And the real baby awaits at home.