Every once in a while you say something that just strikes you as so friggin’ clever, you need to immortalize it. And then there are the things that are just barely clever enough to post to your blog…

I was with a group of people tonight talking about, well, livestock. The locus of conversation went something like:

  • You catch those pictures of the mass animal burials in Europe?
  • It’s weird how this comes so soon after mad cow disease.
  • It just isn’t natural to feed cows to each other. They’re herbivores.
  • True. That’s why nobody ever holds cow fights.
  • Bull fights, yes, but not cow fights.
  • Actually, no. In Switzerland, in the Alps, there’s this time in the spring called transhumence, when the cows are moved from the valleys into the alpine meadows. And to celebrate, there are cow fights that culminate in one cow being crowned Queen of the Alps.
  • How do you get cows to fight each other?
  • You hide behind them and say rude things to provoke the other cow.
  • Like what?
  • “Your mother is army boots.”

he hearings around the Web Log Eradication Act of 2002…