Ian Capstick interviews Rob on Open SoSi, humour and more

Long live face-to-face: one of the great things about conferences is reconnecting with old friends. I ran into Ian Capstick, a pal from my election campaigning days, at Northern Voice earlier this month.

He pulled me aside and shot a quick video for his company’s blog, MediaStyle. We covered a lot of territory, much of it involving transparency and openness, in particular our Open SoSi project. Have a gander:

Interview with Rob Cottingham from Ian Capstick on Vimeo.

And by all means start reading Ian’s blog. He has some terrific insights and gives you a valuable look inside his many projects.

Northern Voice: Rachel Smith on graphic recording on the iPad

Graphic recording has long held a certain fascination for me: the idea of capturing the ideas and emotions of a speech, workshop or meeting on paper, as the event progresses. (Nancy White‘s graphic record of my Northern Voice keynote last year remains one of my happiest public speaking experiences.)
Rachel Smith of the New Media Consortium delivered a quick but info-packed presentation at MooseCamp on graphical recording on the iPad – which is a pretty good answer to the question “If Rob could attend any conceivable session at Northern Voice, what would it be about?” She’s one of the leading lights in the field, and she’s understandably jazzed about the iPad’s potential.
Unlike me, she doesn’t use a stylus; because she works in so many colours, it’s inconvenient to have to put it down, swipe to bring up a colour chooser, and pick it up again.
Here are my notes – drawn, naturally, on an iPad. (The resources I noted from her and Nancy are The Grove Consultants, Nancy Marguiles and the term “digital scribing” – Rachel suggested Googling it would produce much win.)