House of worship

Premier Christy Clark, speaking to a Christian audience earlier this month:
“I really do think the tragedy of our society is actually not there are so many atheists — because atheists often express themselves as generously as non-atheists — it’s the fact people don’t go to a place of worship every week and get reminded anymore of how important it is that we care.”
You know, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Turning mild-mannered supporters into super-powered fundraisers

The BC Children’s Hospital is on the lookout for a Super Community – a group of people doing something extraordinary to raise funds, raise awareness and support the hospital’s work caring for British Columbia’s children.

And to do that, they’ve created an online space where communities can organize at You’ll find tools for collecting donations, emailing contacts, and sharing stories, videos and photos.

But they aren’t just offering tools – they’re offering some context as well: stories, ideas and tips for putting those tools to work, and fundraising and organizing online. We’ve helped them pull together their Super Community Resource Kit, which lives on their blog at

Be sure to check it out… and consider it just a beginning. Add your comments, ideas and links to other helpful resources, and help BC Children’s Hospital’s supporters do even more to help kids when they need it most.

(Oh, and while you’re in the mood to help BC Children’s Hospital, please do fan them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and check out the personalized superhero video and Facebook application we helped them build!)

Personalized video, Facebook widget raising funds for BC Children’s Hospital

As causes go, you can’t get much closer to our hearts than with a children’s hospital. The thought of having to take one of our kids there is wrenching, and I’m sobered by the fact that thousands upon thousands of children – and their parents – go through that every day.

We want those kids to get the care they need swiftly and effectively. We want our best medical knowledge brought to bear, and we want clean, quality facilities that promote good health as well as healing sickness.

So we jumped at the chance to work with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, helping them chart a social media strategy for engaging their audiences and raising money. The focus is their “Be a Superhero” campaign, in support of their $200-million plan to create one of the world’s top centres for children’s health.

Our first efforts are now live online, centered around what we believe is the first use of personalized video as a donor recognition and fundraising tool. The Be a Superhero video shows a newscast – using the donor’s or prospect’s name – that either thanks them for being a hero to BC kids, or invites them to step up to the plate.

Superhero Facebook applicationBut it doesn’t end there. You can add your superhero video to your Facebook profile and launch your own Facebook-based fundraising campaign, inviting your friends to be superheroes as well.

(We’ve also been helping the hospital engage their fans on Twitter – you can follow the foundation at @bcchf.)

It’s still early days, but we’re excited about breaking new ground for the hospital, and helping kids like ours across BC… and we’d love it to succeed. If you’d like to help, too, here’s how:

  1. Watch the video, and send it to as many of your friends as you can.
  2. Add the Facebook application, and install the fundraising widget on your profile.
  3. Become a fan of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Facebook page.
  4. Follow BCCHF on Twitter.

And finally…

Vancouver’s Twestival is coming on September 12, organized by the amazing Rebecca Bollwitt, aka Miss604.

Rebecca has launched an online poll to decide which local non-profit should be the beneficiary of the Twestival’s fundraising efforts – and the BC Children’s Hospital is a strong contender.

Voting closes tomorrow (Friday), so if you could take just a moment and vote now, or using the poll on the right-hand side of this page, we’d be delighted… thanks!

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