Leadership communications

I’m one of Canada’s leading speechwriters. My first client won the leadership of a national political party — and for more than two decades since then, I’ve worked closely with leaders in politics, business, community organizations, labour and more – helping them connect with audiences and deliver clear, high-impact speeches.

How I approach speechwriting

  • The spoken word: Speech is a medium with unique demands and strengths. I understand the pacing, dramatic structure and persuasive elements that can make a good speech great.
  • A strategic vehicle: Your time and your audience’s attention are too valuable to waste. I integrate your central messages and communications strategy into the speech from the beginning.
  • The right speech: Every audience is different. I’ve written speeches for events ranging from small, intimate gatherings to major campaign rallies. And I can tailor the cadence and tone of your speech to suit any audience.
  • The right media: There are times when slides, charts or video can elevate a speech – and times when they can weigh it down. I can help you tell the difference, and craft the right media support for your message.
  • In your own voice: I adapt my writing style not only to the occasion and to the audience, but also to your voice. The result is a speech that sounds and feels natural.
  • Social and shareable: Today’s audience can extend far beyond the four walls of your speaking venue. I can advise you on making your speech the core of an ongoing conversation that magnifies the reach and impact of your ideas.
  • An out-of-room experience: The best speeches leave their audiences with vivid images, real-life examples and striking turns of phrase. I draw on humour, metaphor and anecdote to make your speech memorable… and persuasive.

My services

Speech coaching: From helping you hone the underlying narrative of your speech, to choosing the right cases and stories, to delivering your presentation with authority, confidence and impact, I can guide you through the process of creating a speech that moves crowds and changes minds.

Speechwriting and presentation design: I can deliver as complete a solution as you need, from bullet points to a full speaking text; from a single compelling chart to a full PowerPoint or Keynote deck; from a few shareable images to a complete social engagement strategy, including creative execution.

Training for executive communicators: Combining real-world experience with the fundamentals of solid speechwriting, I have delivered workshops to writers in government, labour, politics and non-profits.

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