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Whether you’re a leader who needs to connect with audiences, or a communications professional helping leaders tell their stories — this podcast is for you.

You’ll find out what I’ve learned over three decades of speechwriting, speaking and communications strategy. And you’ll meet some guests with their own wisdom to share on reaching audiences with powerful messages.

Kitsilano Farmers Market

A tasty, glorious day at the Kits Farmers Market. If you live in Vancouver, you owe it to yourself to drop by one of the four markets happening weekly across the city this summer. Naturally, I took pictures... lots of pictures. Here are a few I liked:

Move over, Central Perk

I spotted this a little under a month ago, and wanted to share it. The Law Society of B.C. building is just north of Yaletown, on one of the quieter streets in the area. And when the folks who work in that building head downstairs for a cup of coffee, where do they...

Goodbye, Frances Bula

Frances Bula is leaving the Vancouver Sun – and, more to the point, her blog. It's a big loss for the Sun, and for those who care about Vancouver civic politics: This will be my last post on this Vancouver Sun blog, as I have resigned from the paper. I wanted to...

Catch Kris Krug’s photos at The Art of Giving: June 26, Vancouver

Mi amigo Kris Krug is one of the five artists featured in The Art of Giving, an exhibition and silent auction on the theme of charitable giving. 20 per cent of any purchases you make go to the charity of your choice, which means you get a) some lovely art, and b) some...

Good night, Sam

So voters won't get the chance to pass judgement on Sam Sullivan's term as mayor after all. I've endured enough political defeats to know that gloating over his is inappropriate, but I won't be shedding any tears over the end of the Sullivan era. Except in one sense....

Geoff Meggs

I've been remiss in not mentioning Geoff Meggs' candidacy for a Vision Vancouver council nomination. I worked with Geoff while wearing my speechwriter hat more times than I can count, and was constantly amazed by his ability to leap from high-level strategy to the...

Vancity’s YouTube green tips

Interesting stuff: Vancity (our ChangeEverything.ca amigas and amigos) have launched about a half-dozen YouTube videos on living sustainably. Check 'em out:

Bayswater Tea Company: West Broadway’s oasis

I headed over to the Bayswater Tea Company today. They've already sold me some delicious Darjeeling and a gaggle of glorious greens, but this was my first time actually sitting down and soaking up the ambiance. Of which there's plenty. If you're doing errands in Kits,...

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