Your leadership voice

Connect with your audience.
Help them not just to see your vision…but share it.
And turn listeners into allies.

That’s what I help leaders and executives do.

  • I craft persuasive, compelling speeches and content.
  • I help you find your leadership voice onstage: an authentic presence that earns your audience’s trust.
  • And I help you speak with that voice to deliver a clear message aligned your strategic goals.

Talk to me today about how we can work together to move audiences to action.


Your next speech can have powerful writing. Pitch-perfect tone. A distinctive voice that’s all your own. Humour and wit that earn smiles and open minds. And that one key passage they’ll be quoting long after the applause is done.

My first client won the leadership of a national political party. And for nearly three decades since then, leaders in politics, business, community organizations and labour have turned to me for powerful speeches that break through to their audiences.

Let’s talk about making your next speech a winner.

Presentation and media coaching

I can help you deliver the kind of performance that turns a good speech into a great one.

If you’re still getting used to public speaking, you’ll learn ways to set aside anxiety, lift the words from the page and connect to your audience with confidence and ease.

If you’ve been speaking for a while, I can help you take your skills to a new level—projecting passion, honing your style and moving audiences to action.

And when the time comes to speak to an even larger audience through the news media, I help you prepare so that even with the toughest questions, your message comes shining through.

Message and strategy development

Your speaking can be about so much more than just the applause at the end. I can help you think through your core message — how it reflects who you are, and how it supports your organization’s key communication goals.

Together, we can craft a leadership communications strategy: one that integrates everything from your next speech to your social media presence, in a coherent, powerful platform for positive change.

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