New BC Hydro app lets users harness conservation efforts to greening 2010 Winter Games

When BC Hydro asked us to help them develop a new social media project – building on the success of the Green Gifts Facebook app – our thoughts naturally turned to the 2010 Winter Games. BC Hydro is an Official Supporter; organizers are aiming to have their greenest Olympic Winter Games yet; BC Hydro’s ad campaign is built around the slogan “Save power. See the games.”… hmm…

The result is Power the Games, where you commit to reducing your electricity consumption by 10% over the next year, and pledge your efforts to help power the 2010 Winter Games event of your choice.

For a little added fun and conservation goodness, Power the Games offers daily challenges: little tasks that can add up to something big. Like snuggling under a blanket and turning the thermostat down two degrees. Or learning a little about how switching to energy-efficient lighting can cut your costs. Our hope is that this becomes a kind of green tasting menu, helping people to try out conservation-friendly behaviour that just might become healthy habits.

(And if you’re as impressed as we were by the app’s gorgeous design, then let the folks at Work at Play know – they built it for us, and they were, as always, an absolute delight to work with: professional, committed, dedicated and talented.)

Ultimately, this app aims to couple the excitement so many British Columbians feel about the upcoming games with their pride in our province’s environmental reputation… and their personal commitment to conservation.

(By the way, BC Hydro launched their new Facebook page at the same time as Power the Games – please do drop by!)

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