The as-yet-not-really-confirmed trend of post-Enlightenment Americans flocking across the Canadian border may yet translate into a real flow of traffic if the folks at get their way.

The site promotes the Canadian advantage in Medicare, foreign policy, environmental sanity, human rights, drug policy and more.

It’s not that they’re actually trying to provoke a mass U.S. exodus:

This site is not meant to provoke a wave of immigration from the US. We strongly encourage progressive Americans to stay in America and keep working on important issues. However, many of our American friends are considering moving to Canada and have been asking for information on the immigration process. Our goal with this site is to provide useful information on how to settle in Canada, what life is like here, and why we love it so much.

Created by the fine minds at Communicopia, the site is a bracing antidote to the torrent of business-lobby commentary you can expect in the run-up to the next budget cycle, most of which will boil down to a plea for importing regressive American tax policy. Me, I’d much rather import progressive Americans.

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