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Lose your iPhone? You can, in fact, get it back… at a price

I thought I’d published this a few weeks ago, but apparently not. My apologies to Tod Maffin (who made a few helpful calls – thanks, amigo!) and Liz Hamilton of Rogers – I really wanted to acknowledge your help immediately.

Previously on RobCottingham.ca, I lost my iPhone:

  • I called Rogers.
  • The customer service people there told me I’d have to keep paying for the service plan, and buy a new iPhone and plan, and lose my phone number.
  • The customer relations people told me it wasn’t quite that bad, but I still wouldn’t be able to replace my iPhone without paying a huge penalty. They also offered to sell me another data phone, which wasn’t really an option for me.

Then Tod Maffin got in touch, and hooked me up with the very helpful Liz Hamilton at Rogers. She informed me that the folks I’d spoken to were mistaken, and that the iPhone is covered under Rogers’ phone replacement program. I’d have to pay the full retail price, though – and that’s $850.

It’s better than what I’d been told, but it’s still steep… and it means that if you’ve bought an iPhone 3G, you’ll want to hang onto it pretty tight. I can’t quite justify spending that at the moment, so for the time being I’ll limp along with an older smart phone I’ve been able to scavenge.

Thanks again, Tod and Liz. I appreciate your taking the time.

The latest tool in consumer vengeance: the blog

Since we’re on a revenge theme today, let’s take a quick look at consumers who are using blogs to take a swipe at companies what done them wrong.

The Hobson and Holtz Report has spent the past week discussing two bloggers who are taking on companies that have sold them lemons: one a computer, the other a car.

Disgruntled Land Rover customer Adrian Melrose has taken on the posh car manufacturer. (He’s also triggered more than one “cry me a river, luxury-SUV-boy” comment, but that’s another discussion.) Well-known blogger Jeff Jarvis has documented his hellish experience with Dell.

And now A-list Canadian blogger (yes, we have an A-list up here in the frozen north; it’s just that we only go down to about “E” or so) Tod Maffin is posting reviews in a separate blog — some positive, but most not. His review blog’s slogan, “Because payback’s a bitch,” gives you an idea of its mission and tone. His targets range from two local contractors to a major VoIP vendor, Vonage.

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