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A lorem ipsum generator for the 21st century

Corporate Ipsum widget for OS X Dashboard

Oh, very nice: a handy little device for whipping up reams of dummy copy at the click of a button. And not just your basic lorem ipsum greek text, either (although that’s an option). This puppy happily spits out a screed of utterly baffling corporatespeak for your next annual report design job. Here’s an example:

Competently expedite standardized services vis-a-vis multifunctional interfaces. Dramatically communicate distributed ideas whereas exceptional solutions. Competently provide access to state of the art action items after business technology.

Rapidiously negotiate multifunctional leadership through scalable manufactured products. Credibly leverage existing optimal total linkage before scalable meta-services. Authoritatively formulate enterprise leadership for value-added portals.

Appropriately facilitate 24/7 mindshare rather than covalent results. Proactively extend flexible portals via inexpensive outsourcing. Compellingly evisculate pandemic web services and virtual ideas.

Globally leverage existing standards compliant mindshare for pandemic infomediaries. Objectively brand cooperative leadership skills without just in time niche markets. Holisticly leverage existing equity invested web-readiness without mission-critical growth strategies.

Authoritatively impact resource maximizing processes whereas sustainable opportunities. Intrinsicly reconceptualize maintainable experiences without cooperative value.

Authoritatively impact resource maximizing processes? I swoon.