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The latest tool in consumer vengeance: the blog

Since we’re on a revenge theme today, let’s take a quick look at consumers who are using blogs to take a swipe at companies what done them wrong.

The Hobson and Holtz Report has spent the past week discussing two bloggers who are taking on companies that have sold them lemons: one a computer, the other a car.

Disgruntled Land Rover customer Adrian Melrose has taken on the posh car manufacturer. (He’s also triggered more than one “cry me a river, luxury-SUV-boy” comment, but that’s another discussion.) Well-known blogger Jeff Jarvis has documented his hellish experience with Dell.

And now A-list Canadian blogger (yes, we have an A-list up here in the frozen north; it’s just that we only go down to about “E” or so) Tod Maffin is posting reviews in a separate blog — some positive, but most not. His review blog’s slogan, “Because payback’s a bitch,” gives you an idea of its mission and tone. His targets range from two local contractors to a major VoIP vendor, Vonage.

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