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In which I am prescient

Last week, I tweeted this:

Today, I give you the second sentence of this Gary Mason interview.

House of worship

Premier Christy Clark, speaking to a Christian audience earlier this month:

“I really do think the tragedy of our society is actually not there are so many atheists — because atheists often express themselves as generously as non-atheists — it’s the fact people don’t go to a place of worship every week and get reminded anymore of how important it is that we care.”

You know, maybe it wouldn’t be a terrible thing if some British Columbians, especially in leadership positions, could go to a special place more often and get reminded of how important it is that we care. But for that to happen, it would have to be open a little more than 19 full days in nearly a year.

Jim Green, one of Vancouver’s great civic leaders

From the historic renewal of the Downtown Eastside and the Woodward’s redevelopment, to the Portland Hotel Society, to InSite, to the city’s thriving arts scene – in pretty much every big initiative to make this city fairer, more affordable and more liveable, you’ll see Jim Green’s hand at work.

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