I don’t do a lot of product or contest plugs here… and I don’t think I’ve ever done one when I’ve actually been given the product. But I jumped at the chance to do this one, because a) it involves a friend, social media smart guy Tris Hussey at Simply Computing, and b) it involves a truly handy piece of kit, the Grid-It organizer.

Tris told me about Simply’s contest where you stuff your Grid-It with your various do-dads, take a photo and upload it to their Facebook contest app. He invited me to come into the store and try it out.

The Grid-It is deceptively simple: a frame covered with criss-crossing rubberized elastic bands. You tuck in your gadgets, dongles and cables, and suddenly your tangled jumble of wires-‘n’-crap is one handy package.

Here’s Tris showing it all to me:


I’ve been using it for a few days now, and I love the little beastie.

And while I was there, Tris showed me the new Pogo Sketch Pro stylus. It’s a dramatic improvement over the Pogo Sketch, a worthy competitor to the Bamboo (that’s my highest praise for a stylus), and I used it to draw a concept sketch for a mega-sized Grid-It for storing social media strategists. (Upload to come in a few minutes! It’s here!)

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