Blogging and podcasting NDP campaigns

Several NDP campaigns are blogging, and at least one is podcasting – and I think that deserves some recognition. So this page is going to serve as a repository for the Web 2.0-enabled NDP candidates.

I’ve almost certainly missed some, and others will probably launch over the course of the campaign, so please feel free to add new ones via the comments form below.

(Here’s an OPML file of all the blogs that have news feeds. I’ll keep it updated throughout the campaign.)




26 thoughts on “Blogging and podcasting NDP campaigns

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  3. Dean

    Check out this blog from .

    And Rob says: I’ve deleted the rest of the comment, which was a cut-and-paste of a 500-word blog post in its entirety. (You can read it here.) Sorry, Dean, but this thread is about NDP candidates with blogs and I’d like to keep it on topic. There are going to be thousands of blog posts about the election; linking to all of them (much less repeating them verbatim) isn’t what I’m aiming to do here.

  4. Rob Post author

    I’ve been to Dan’s site, but I didn’t see a blog there. Could you point me to the link?


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  6. Taylor Bachrach

    Skeena-Bulkley Valley incumbant Nathan Cullen’s campaign website can be found at (his constituency site is, as noted above). The campaign site includes a blog.

  7. Patrick Arnell

    Hi Rob,

    I just came across your NDP blog list and thought I’d let you know about mine (seeing as how a) I’m an NDP candidate and b) I wasn’t listed). I’d like to think my blog is at times funny and worth a read. Lately however, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend towards overt declarations of love and affection for various conservative leaders.

    From the campaign trail,

    Patrick Arnell
    NDP Candidate Calgary East

    Patrick Arnell
    NDP Candidate Calgary East

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  9. evan

    Careful Rob, trackbacks to your own blog can create a black hole and warp spacetime. That might mean Conservative majority depending on where we land…

  10. Rob Post author

    Thanks, Chris — I think yours was actually one of the first I listed.

    Mike, thanks for the tip — I’ve updated the list and added Mark to the OPML file.

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  12. Jak

    Stephen Harper seems to be the Canadian version of a US republican. The Conservative Party is really the Reform Party of western Canada, and there is nothing liberal or left leaning about our Liberal Party. In fact the Liberal Party of today is more like the old Progressive Conservatives, at least in the fiscal sense. We no longer really have a Liberal Party except in name only, though they may be the lesser of the two evils at the moment.

    (Remainder of comment deleted. I’m not unsympathetic to what you’re saying here, Jak, but this isn’t the topic of the post, which is about blogging NDP candidates and campaigns. If anyone wants to read the rest of Jak’s comment, I’m happy to forward it by e-mail. Ditto the lengthy comment from an independent candidate in Calgary Northeast, which was a cut and paste from his own web site.)

  13. ok4ua

    I think Mr.Harper said “god bless Canada” when he finihed a speech. What’s that all about? Now he’s embracing the bloc. I’m all for sharing the wealth with Quebec but it doesn’t make me feel really confident nowthat the bloc and the tories are buddies. I believe what’s good for Quebec may not always be good for the rest of Canada. Quebec has a great child care plan that their tory buddies have denied the rest of Canada. I think it’s scary times for Canada.

  14. Ok4ua

    I hope the NDP opposition make the conservatives time very difficult. I hope mr laytons uses all tools to keep these idiots honest and prevent them from ruining canada.

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