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(Terminator robots hunt for two people in a post-apocalyptic future - one of them tells the other) Oh, that reminds me - Happy Cyber Monday.

Hasta la Visa, baby

Hasta la Visa, baby published on No Comments on Hasta la Visa, baby

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There’s a lot to like about Cyber Monday – the day online retailers try to woo us out of the big box stores and into virtual ones – over Black Friday.

First, you can do Cyber Monday in your pyjamas. Hell, you can do it with no clothes at all. Black Friday (as the court order the mall sent me makes very clear) is not pants-optional.

Second, number of people pepper-sprayed by a competing shopper on Cyber Monday: zero. On Black Friday: at least 20.

Third… well, actually, I’m right back to number one. If I’m going to engage in naked consumerism, then dammit, let it be naked consumerism.