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Can I use your cartoons in my blog post?
Can I reprint one of your cartoons in my book?
Can I get a high-res version of one of your cartoons?

All your answers are here. But in short, blog away (but give credit and link back); yes, and drop me a line; and yes, and drop me a line.

Do you do custom cartoons?

I do! Drop me a line.

What tools do you use?

Early on, I drew Noise to Signal with marker pens (usually Pigma Micron markers). Then I got a Cintiq 11″ graphics tablet, which was just mind-blowing to draw on. The latest version is a little bigger and prettier.

I also began cartooning on my iPad, starting with the very first generation and Autodesk SketchBook Pro.

These days, though, I draw on an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. It’s nothing short of glorious: the closest I’ve come to drawing on paper. My drawing/painting app of choice is Procreate, an absolutely brilliant piece of software, and I add the logo and caption in Autodesk Graphic for iPad. (Graphic bears looking at, designers: it’s shockingly powerful for the price.

So have you stopped drawing on paper?

Actually, I still do now and then. Sometimes it’s for a preliminary sketch; other times, I’m somewhere where the iPad would be out of place or intrusive. (Or I’m on a plane that’s taking off or landing.) Or if the battery’s dead.

When I draw on paper, I catch myself swiping to undo and pinching to zoom out now and then. Really.

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