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Cartoon your event!

“Rob Cottingham’s skillful visual capture of my session at a recent conference was incredible.”

Beth Kanter

Looking for a whole new way to make your next tech or business event fun and memorable?

Then ask about hiring Rob for cartoon-blogging: live, on-the-scene visual notes from keynotes, presentations and panels. Ranging from quick sketches to full cartoons, the results are engaging, funny and insightful.

Use Rob’s event cartoons to…

  • lend impact and immediacy to blog posts from your conference
  • liven up daily newsletters, conference bulletin boards and more
  • give your conference backchannel a boost
  • make conference reports and roundups more engaging
  • add a personal touch to post-conference thank-you emails

Proposed session cartoon Developers saying you're using the wrong Twitter app

Rob works with you before the event to identify your event’s key moments, decide on a guaranteed minimum number of cartoons and discuss your event’s unique needs. Then at the event, Rob creates cartoons on the fly: graphic recordings of speeches, cartoons about topics covered by your event, and sketches capturing moments large and small. He delivers them in the format and size you need, through the channel of your choice.

The result: a memorable record of your event – and a collection of digital assets you can use and reuse.

Session notes cover featuring a cartoon by Rob
“The cartoons we included in our Real Time Web Summit documentation have been a great addition to the media we published as part of the event. They provided a mental break from the text and a humorous rumination on the day’s conversation. They also helped humanize us as a company.”

Marshall Kirkpatrick
Co-Editor, VP of Content Development and Lead Blogger

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