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Steve Jobs' black turtleneck hangs next to Gretzky's hockey sweater


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Not only did he skate to where the puck was going to be, he reshaped the rink, redefined the arena… and replaced the puck with the Mighty Mouse.

The debate will rage for a long time over what piece of technology best encapsulates Steve Jobs’ influence on our world: The iPhone? iPod? iMac? iPad? OS X and Aqua? But I’m going to argue for something a lot more low-tech: the turtleneck.

That, to me, captures the excitement Jobs both conveyed and sparked in others over his vision. It wasn’t just another gadget or a feature or an online service; it was his ability to say This can help you change things.

I don’t share the whole of that vision, but I’ve shared his excitement many, many times. (It takes no effort at all to conjure the memory of watching the simulcast from the Stevenote that announced iTunes and the larger digital hub vision… and my breathless call home to share the news with Alex.) And in the face of an often-jaded Silicon Valley, Jobs could consistently elicit gasps.

Every indication suggests Steve Jobs is now on a very difficult road. I wish him well. And I thank him for those moments of astonishment and wonder.

Ease up!

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Hmm. A below-the-waistline joke? Maybe a “Noise to Signal: After Dark” feed is in order.

I drew this on my iPad. For the record, I had a relaxed but firm grip.

Hold, please

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Okay, maybe it’s just me. But when you have a lot of people corroborating each other’s reports that your product is malfunctioning, and a controversy is brewing over your silence on the issue, maybe this isn’t the best way for your CEO to respond.

Or, to put it another way:

“Dr. Jobs! Dr. Jobs! I broke my leg in three places!”
“Just avoid holding it that way.”

That said, if someone offered to swap my working-perfectly-iPhone with the new iPhone 4, I’d do it in a heartbeat. And Apple’s market cap exceeds mine by, oh, $222 billion or so. So it’s possible that they’re doing something right.

Take two tablets…

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Yes, I finally use the “take two tablets” line. You may resume breathing.

Meanwhile, I’m just aching to know if the new Apple tablet (insert caveats, weasel words and qualifiers here) is a potential Cintiq competitor. I don’t think it will be, but you never know. It may also have a built in barometer and bird call generator.


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