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#nv11 toonblogging: Online defamation (not actually a how-to guide)

#nv11 toonblogging: Online defamation (not actually a how-to guide) published on No Comments on #nv11 toonblogging: Online defamation (not actually a how-to guide)

Another solid session, this one on keeping your legal nose clean. Many thanks to Gillian Shaw, Patricia Graham and Marko Vesely (and best wishes to Jon Newton for a speedy recovery).

#nv11 toonblogging: Controversy

#nv11 toonblogging: Controversy published on 4 Comments on #nv11 toonblogging: Controversy

Just got out of the Controversy panel at Northern Voice 2011. As you might expect, it was pretty lively and a lot of fun. One thing that distinguishes it from nearly every other social media panel I’ve attended, oh, ever: the discussion, among the panelists and with the audience, was almost completely among women. (Smart, articulate women, I might add.)

The panel: Rebecca Coleman (, Kazia Mullin ( and Lorraine “raincoaster” Murphy (

#nv11 toonblogging: April Smith and the heart of the city

#nv11 toonblogging: April Smith and the heart of the city published on 1 Comment on #nv11 toonblogging: April Smith and the heart of the city

Northern Voice 2011 kicked off this morning with a keynote from blogger, citizen journalist and social media professional April Smith, co-founder of AHA Media. She spoke about helping residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to tell their own stories through social media, documenting the area’s daily life, and her own story.

Northern Voice

Northern Voice published on No Comments on Northern Voice

I just finished two days of iPad-based cartoon-blogging and doodle-note-taking at Northern Voice, the Vancouver-based personal social media conference… and boy, are my arms tired.

But both the iPad and the Pogo Sketch performed magnificently. As for me, well, I’ll leave that to you to judge.

Thanks, Northern Voice MooseCampers!

Thanks, Northern Voice MooseCampers! published on 2 Comments on Thanks, Northern Voice MooseCampers!

I got to kick off MooseCamp – the narrowly-rescued unconference stream at Northern Voice – with a half-hour on webcomics. I shared a little of what I’ve learned over the past few years, but one of the things that grabbed people’s imagination is that you can cartoon without, well, cartooning.

Here are links to some of the comics I mentioned that are created with little or no actual drawing (although there’s a lot of talent still there):

  • Dwell On It, Tateru Nino’s cartoon created through Second Life screen captures
  • Gumshoo, a fun comic that deals with the same kind of topics I do, created on
  • A Softer World, with captions over top of photos – think LOLcats for grownups (often leading dark internal lives)
  • Dinosaur Comics, which uses the same clipart and panel structure in every comic
  • Get Your War On, which uses truly awful office clipart to devastating political effect
  • And then there’s xkcd – stick-figure cartoons from someone who every once in a while proves he can, in fact, draw pretty damn nicely.

Thanks, everyone – I loved the session!