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#nv11 toonblogging: Controversy

#nv11 toonblogging: Controversy published on 4 Comments on #nv11 toonblogging: Controversy

Just got out of the Controversy panel at Northern Voice 2011. As you might expect, it was pretty lively and a lot of fun. One thing that distinguishes it from nearly every other social media panel I’ve attended, oh, ever: the discussion, among the panelists and with the audience, was almost completely among women. (Smart, articulate women, I might add.)

The panel: Rebecca Coleman (, Kazia Mullin ( and Lorraine “raincoaster” Murphy (


Thank you for this cartoon! And your kind words. You summed up our panel perfectly and with minutes of us shutting down. I agree with Raincoaster, you have some kind of inter-dimensional time travel powers don't you.

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