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Final offer

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Previously on Noise to Signal: The source of that thumping inside the casket becomes clear – and it ain’t Mayor Subramaniam’s pet chinchilla, which commandeers the International Space Station on a heroic but doomed effort to thwart the Oncoming. At the last minute, the Anvil betrays Ivana for what he believes is the last remaining dose of the Blue Epsilon antiviral agent… but is in fact Vasily’s spirit consciousness downloaded to nanobot form. Candace, seeing clearly at last, makes a desperate move for dispensation from the Crossroads Directorate to activate her H.A.V.O.C. protocol. The Directorate agrees, but at a price that could be fatal to the one she loves the most – and to Indira’s shock, it isn’t her.

Panel 1: Manager says to job applicant, "Your resumé says you're a social media guru. What does that entail?" Panel 2: He says, "I retweet other social media gurus." Panel 3: She says, "Wow! That's the kind of skill we just can't get enough of! You're hired!" He says "Really?!" Panel 4: She says "No, of course not."


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Here’s a cartoon drawn on Translink’s #4 Powell bus. I challenged myself to see what I could get done between the south end of the Granville Bridge and Dunsmuir; the answer is, more than I thought. (And that’s with the unblinking stare of my seatmate, who was watching me work on my iPad with something that may have been interest, derision or clinical detachment. It’s hard to tell with hipsters.)

Friends with benefits

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The debate rages on over whether social networks (and Twitter, and YouTube, and, and, and) have any legitimacy in the workplace, fueled in no small part by people who sell tools to block them.

But employers who turn their noses up at Facebook et al. may well discover that their coveted Millennials (a.k.a. Generation Y, a.k.a. those damn kids who won’t get off your lawn) are happy to return the favour when recruiting time rolls around. Blocking access to Facebook looks a lot like those IT departments that wouldn’t install web browsers on your computer a decade ago… or external email access a few years earlier.

And like those tools before them, the social web today is increasingly being used by companies and organizations for productive, collaborative work. So it’s not just a question of denying your HR department a hiring pool of cool kids. Blocking social media from your company can mean cutting yourself off from an important potential source of productivity, innovation and increased efficiency.

Of course, that’s an argument I like to make to people who haven’t just received a dozen Farmville notifications.

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Performance review

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Not that you have to follow people back on Twitter. You don’t. You really don’t. It’s the stupidest etiquette rule in history, right up there with the way you’re supposed to stab the person next to you with your lobster fork between the sorbet course and the port.


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