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Panel 1: Manager says to job applicant, "Your resumé says you're a social media guru. What does that entail?" Panel 2: He says, "I retweet other social media gurus." Panel 3: She says, "Wow! That's the kind of skill we just can't get enough of! You're hired!" He says "Really?!" Panel 4: She says "No, of course not."


Guru published on 6 Comments on Guru

Here’s a cartoon drawn on Translink’s #4 Powell bus. I challenged myself to see what I could get done between the south end of the Granville Bridge and Dunsmuir; the answer is, more than I thought. (And that’s with the unblinking stare of my seatmate, who was watching me work on my iPad with something that may have been interest, derision or clinical detachment. It’s hard to tell with hipsters.)


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