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You just unlocked the “exterminated” badge!

You just unlocked the “exterminated” badge! published on 1 Comment on You just unlocked the “exterminated” badge!

Pay attention, social media marketers… insects are a massive untapped market segment. What they lack in disposable income, they make up for in sheer numbers. And many of them are inherently social. Like, say, ants. And their entire lives are spent performing mind-numbingly boring, repetitive tasks – they’re perfect candidates for a FarmVille knockoff.

1 Comment

Wow, I think I have found my niche (or nest, colony, whatever)! Even though I detest cockroaches, I will work with them and promote their values, even though I know they are nasty, dirty creatures with no spine. And they are creepily fast (although if you do manage to step on one, they make this loud crunching noise). All while making a tidy sum! Oh, wait, I already did that. It's called corporate politics.

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