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(two people about to bury a body) This is the last time. After this, we're even for the time you lent me that dongle I needed for my presentation.

Friends in Need

Friends in Need published on No Comments on Friends in Need

Originally posted on ReadWriteWeb

A very few experiences can give you that feeling of the cold, icy hand of mortality taking hold of your gut and squeezing hard. An oncoming vehicle pulls into your lane at high speed. Your airplane’s pilot asks you to assume the crash position, and there’s a quaver in his voice.

Or you unzip your bag just before your presentation, and realize you don’t have the adapter you were so sure you’d brought. Oh, and your battery? Drained. And your power supply? You can picture it sitting on your hotel room desk even now.

That’s when the real heroes step forward: the ones who never leave home without a spare power bar, a powered USB hub, and about two-thirds of the Griffin Technology and Belkin catalogs in their backpacks.

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