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(woman holding unicorn) Now the bad news. You're going to have to find housing in the Bay Area.

Unicorn Hunters

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Pitch: “Unicorn Hunters” — This reality show will follow the exciting, thrill-a-minute world of venture capitalists as they pore over income statements, commission reports and conduct hours-long, gruelling interviews with founders and key staff. (Note: we’ll need a LOT of clever camera work to maintain visual interest.)

I wonder just how concerned VCs are about housing affordability in the Bay Area (and in my home city of Vancouver), where both home ownership and rental costs are spiralling to prohibitive levels. The real estate bubble makes it a lot harder to attract those talented creatives that Silicon Valley supposedly values so highly, as they face punishing commutes from the far-flung communities they can still afford to live in. And it risks turning big swaths of urban landscape into deserts of affluence, feasible only for a thin, homogenous slice of the population.

(In lieu of the next two paragraphs, I’ll just say “Richard Florida.”)

(guy in hoodie to devil in business attire) So that's a no, but let's touch base again after I see how the Series A round goes.

Fallen angel investor

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We’re now inviting a very exclusive circle of investors into Noise to Signal. We’re accepting only those with vision and foresight… the kind of vision that will lead them to embrace, as their sole return on investment, the satisfaction of knowing I spent every dime on art supplies and drawing apps.

The big leap

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Originally posted on ReadWriteWeb

Marshall Kirkpatrick’s the reason I get to draw every week on ReadWriteWeb, and on Friday, he announced he’s going to be launching a startup.

For me, this is one of those things that triggers the same surge of admiration, awe and vicarious terror that I have when I hear the words “So, we had our ultrasound and it’s triplets.”

Even when you know the people involved have razor-sharp minds, an intimate knowledge of their industry, creative ingenuity and rock-solid business sense – and with Marshall, I feel like I can tick the “all of the above” box – you also know there are going to be a lot more sleepless nights in their future, and a lot less uncorroded stomach lining.

But there’s also the excitement of building something new and amazing that wasn’t there before, something that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you, something that could change the world for the better. Maybe in a small way, maybe in a big one.

And that’s what makes it worth the risk, whether the venture you’re talking about is commercial, social, scientific or artistic.

Good luck with the triplets, Marshall.

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