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(futuristic person talking to a time traveler) Unlike the primitive nation-states of your time period, here in the 26th century Earth is organized into a network of warring subreddits.

This subreddit ain’t big enough for the two of us

This subreddit ain’t big enough for the two of us published on

I’m never sure how to draw time travelers. I could do it Terminator-style, all nekkid-like, but this is a family comic, buster. (Well, most days.) I’ve settled for someone from a slightly retro-feeling First Temporal Squadron.

(My head canon is that strictly speaking, the Second Temporal Squadron came before the First Temporal Squadron, as part of an elaborate and successful effort to avoid a causal paradox and also because the employer found a loophole that allowed them to get out of paying overtime.)

Time travel is one of my favourite tropes in science fiction, and especially Star Trek. I’d happily drop whatever I’m doing at any given moment to rewatch “Yesterday’s Enterprise” or “Year of Hell.” There always seems to be a fascinating tension between the science side of things, and the narrative requirements of storytelling; sooner or later some character asks something like “Why don’t we just keep going back in time to get it right?” or “If we averted the disaster, how do any of us remember it?” They usually get an answer along the lines of “It’s complex, but it involves the temporal dynamics of tachyon decay” or just (when the writers are feeling especially nervy) “That’s just the way it works.”

What it usually boils down to is, “That’s what the story requires.” And I’m perfectly comfortable with that.