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My privilege? Checked it. It’s doing fine.

My privilege? Checked it. It’s doing fine. published on 2 Comments on My privilege? Checked it. It’s doing fine.Purchase print

A lot of stock-taking goes on when you have a birthday, and it feels like a pretty good time to check my privilege. (It’s been a year and a half since the last time, and doctors recommend having your privilege checked twice a year, so I’m actually overdue.)

(Looks around at charmed life.) Yep, still playing life’s video game in easy mode. And on top of my race/class/gender/sexual orientation/ableist privilege, I have a staggeringly amazing family, the chance to do truly meaningful work… I even get to spend a significant amount of my time these days cartooning professionally, which holy crap, in content-as-fodder 2016 feels like a gift from the gods (thanks, Tom!).

So it seems churlish to ask for more, and yet here I am. This year I hope to do more writing, and I’d love to do more speaking. Last Saturday, I was on a panel at Cooperate Now, a co-op business bootcamp sponsored by Vancity, and I enjoyed the living crap out of it; between that and delivering two workshops on persuasive communications and public speaking, it’s been a great spring for me and the podium, and I’d like to do a lot more in the coming months.

And also I hope you’ll keep following Noise to Signal, sharing it with your peeps when you think it’s hit the mark, and if you’re feeling really wild and crazy, leaving a comment. Thanks so much for reading — it means the world.

(mom yelling upstairs) And don't come down until you've confronted your race, class and gender privilege, young man!

Point of privilege

Point of privilege published on 1 Comment on Point of privilege

Let’s see: my hairline’s been receding since I was 30. I have a 32″ waist and a 38″ chest, which seem to be the first sizes of clothes to sell out.

(As a white middle-class heterosexual university-educated cis-gendered able-bodied man…)

People don’t always want to talk about how cute my kids are. Canadian Netflix has a much smaller selection than American Netflix.

(…I figured it would be a lot faster to count the ways I’m not privileged than to count the ways I am.)

I don’t like eggplant, and restaurants keep putting it in friggin’ everything. And… uh…

(I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.)

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