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Apparently, my parenting responsibilities now include catching Pokemon for my kid on my morning commute.

To-do: Catch ’em all

To-do: Catch ’em all published on No Comments on To-do: Catch ’em all

My Pokemon GO issue started innocently enough. Knowing there are three PokeStops between my downtown bus stop and the front door of my office building, I’d collect PokeBalls, raspberries and potions for my son. Then I’d notice Drowzees and Magikarp hanging out near the entrance, so I’d nab one or two before I went in. I might walk the long way around the Convention Centre to give some of his incubating Pokemon a chance to hatch.

Onee I realized I was considering leaving a half-hour early so I could install a lure module in the Marine Building PokeStop, I knew it was time to draw the line.

(Bemused Pikachu at a bus stop to an onlooker) You think YOU'RE sick of this...

Pokémon GO: not even its final form

Pokémon GO: not even its final form published on No Comments on Pokémon GO: not even its final form

I’m on vacation, but couldn’t resist posting about Pokémon GO. It’s breakout success has already inspired many a “15 reasons your brand MUST be on Pokémon GO” blog post, but what’s a lot more interesting to me is where it goes from here. For now, Nintendo has unlocked a way to engage millions of people and have them give up reams of fascinating geo and behavioural data (set aside for now the privacy fiasco that marred its launch).

Just what they do with that ability is anyone’s guess, but I don’t think they’ll be satisfied with just having users flick more Pokeballs into the aether.

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