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Prove thou art not a robot

Prove thou art not a robot published on 2 Comments on Prove thou art not a robot

Here’s a theological puzzler for you: will our software, data and gadgets pass along with our souls to the next world?

I’m especially concerned about password utilities. It can be awkward if your admission to the kingdom of heaven is riding on your defence of a tweet that looks pretty awful, except you know there’s a little context that could explain why it’s actually really funny — if only you could log into your Evernote notebooks to refresh your memory.

So, 1Password, get on that. It could be the feature that lets you survive the Mavericks upgrade.

(Alex suggested this cartoon. And as luck would have it, she’s also the person who got me using 1Password, a program that saves my fanny on a regular basis. If you need to juggle passwords for a number of accounts and websites, 1Password may save yours too. Check them out.)

Real commitment

Real commitment published on No Comments on Real commitment

(Originally posted at ReadWriteWeb)

It feels like this week’s cartoon should commemorate Steve Jobs.

But in truth, I drew my tribute to him just after he retired from his job as CEO. I shared my thoughts about his legacy a few days ago on my own blog. And by now, there’s very little to say about Jobs that hasn’t been said many times over, here and on other sites.

So rather than restating all of that, I’ll pay a tribute today that actually feels more meaningful than any other.

This cartoon stands on its own; it doesn’t have anything to do with Steve Jobs or Apple. But I drew it on my iPad, and i’m writing this there, too. In a few minutes, I’ll lay the cartoon out and create a thumbnail version on my MacBook Pro, where I’ll also add hyperlinks and send the whole lot off to Curtis at ReadWriteWeb.

Creating and sharing something using the products Steve Jobs introduced to the world: yeah, that feels about right.