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The Cloud has a silver lining

The Cloud has a silver lining published on No Comments on The Cloud has a silver lining

Originally published on ReadWriteWeb

There are times in our lives, extraordinary times, that call on us to open our hearts like never before. To embrace those who are suffering, and offer them comfort and support.

This, my friends, is such a time.

If you know a BlackBerry user, reach out to them. (Not with email. That’s just mean.) Let them know you care, and that just because they were offline for a few days, you still love and respect them.

It’s good karma. And don’t be surprised it makes your iPhone or EVO feel just a little lighter in your pocket.

2010 in review: Tumbld

2010 in review: Tumbld published on No Comments on 2010 in review: Tumbld

Here’s the next cartoon in my ret­ro­spective of 2010 in social media. I’ll be posting the last of the individual cartoons today – but meanwhile, here’s the whole thing in video. (Hey – did you check out the free 2011 calendar yet?)

Dammit – Skype’s down, too

Dammit – Skype’s down, too published on 1 Comment on Dammit – Skype’s down, too