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(TV news anchor) I've just been handed some breaking news... or to those of you on Twitter, 'that thing we've already been talking about for days.'

Broken news

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So, a cartoon about how digital technology is disrupting an older, established medium… drawn on my iPad.

I just got the iPad 3 (yes, I know, we don’t call it that… I do) with a much higher resolution, and drawing on it is everything I’d hoped for. It’s finally precise enough that I don’t feel I’m giving folks my second-best work when I’m using it.

But the thing I really liked is I could do this all as quickly as I did… right after seeing this tweet:

(I was going to point Katie to this cartoon, but it’s not quite what she’s looking for.)


The director’s cut runs 3 hours, 47 minutes

The director’s cut runs 3 hours, 47 minutes published on 1 Comment on The director’s cut runs 3 hours, 47 minutes

Most TV news credit sequences I’m seeing these days rival Avatar for sheer sensation. “Dude, it’s like I’m totally flying. Through. The news!

The only problem is, the net effect becomes “Holy crap! HOLY CRAP!!… HOOOOLLLLYYYY CRAAAAAP!!! Good evening. Wheat futures dropped half a percentage point today in light trading…” They raise the dramatic stakes so high that, unless the lead story is “Monster robot army rampages through Oslo,” the actual news is bound to be a disappointment.

(Then again, if your news network’s dominant narrative is that the President is actually an alien bent on the destruction of the United States of America, you can probably meet that standard without breaking a sweat.)