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It’s alive! Aliiiiiiiiiive!

It’s alive! Aliiiiiiiiiive! published on 1 Comment on It’s alive! Aliiiiiiiiiive!

Today’s cartoon was sparked (heh) when I learned about a new project supporting citizen science (and the professional kind, too): Banu. FounderĀ Rastin Mehr‘s idea is to let anyone make their raw scientific data available online. Once it’s uploaded, others can access it using an API through a Creative Commons license.

I’m fascinated by the rapidly emerging field of citizen science. Turning to the crowd for help with research, data collection and analysis doesn’t just make new resources available to the scientific community; it can build a larger, better informed constituency of support for scientific research of all kinds.

(one person attacked by a monster, to another person) Remind me - which bucket does this kind of situation belong in?

Getting Things Do-… Arrrrgh!

Getting Things Do-… Arrrrgh! published on 1 Comment on Getting Things Do-… Arrrrgh!

You know, I couldn’t really say. Definitely not “Maybe/Someday.” Possibly “Delegate.”

Of course, if you can kill or disable it within two minutes, then hey: no bucket needed. Except afterward, because something tells me this thing will be messy.

(No idea what the hell I’m talking about? Welcome to the world of Getting Things Done.)

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