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Hospital sketchbook

Hospital sketchbook published on No Comments on Hospital sketchbook

A big hug to the staff of Vancouver General Hospital.

Those hand sanitizer stations are everywhere in the hospital… but those next to the elevators on the main level were empty. A sign nearby explained that they weren’t being refilled any more because of theft.

That is, people steal it to get drunk on it, despite the fact that it’s toxic (and tastes horrible).

So if your life isn’t so desperate that you’re stealing hand sanitizer, maybe count yourself just a little lucky.

Drumming up business

Drumming up business published on No Comments on Drumming up business

Doritos, deep-fried fish sticks, deep-fried chicken nuggets, Black Forest cake, deep-friend Black Forest cake with a Doritos crumble topping… It’s like they’re saying “We know you’re just visiting, but we’d love you to come by for a longer stay.”


KMG365 published on No Comments on KMG365

This is not my first colors-as-hex-codes joke.